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The Eyes Have It

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 11th, 2009

I was cleaning out my bookmarks (I am not a hamster, I'll bet your bookmark collection is in as bad or worse shape as mine.) this evening and ran across an interesting one that I found while Stumbling a while back.  It's called "The Eyeballing Game".

It's an interesting test of your skill at "eyeballing" various things about simple geometric shapes.  There are seven tasks that you get three tries at:

Adjust a shape to make a parallelogram
Find the mid-point of the line segment
Bisect an angle
Mark the point equidistant to the edges of a triangle
Mark the center of a circle
Move a line to make a right angle
Find the point of convergence between three lines

It then calculates your score based on how accurate you were.  My first run through tonight scored 7.74 and about twenty minutes later I scored 4.95 with zero being a theoretical perfect score and 24 being the highest score they show on the graph a the end of the game.

It also shows a list of the best scores out of the last 500 games and It's amazing that anyone could score 1.35 but somebody did.

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