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Hey, Have You Heard?

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 19th, 2009

I just ran across a site I got through StumbleUpon that's .. ah .. not your typical site.  When you load This site, you are presented with a single question asking "Hey, Have you heard?".  Under the question it asks you to "Please turn up your speakers". (no, I am not a hamster, I left my speakers turned down a bit like I usually do.)

You've got only the "Yes" and "No" buttons.  If you click "yes", you're presented with a series of questions asking if you're sure, are you really sure, ETc.  Finally it tells you to just click "No".  If after that you click "yes", then it flat tells you to stop clicking yes and doesn't respond to any more "yes" clicks.

When you finally answer "No", you're presented with the most unlikely image of a white bird (I think it's a duck I guess), in red & white Hawaiian shorts on a surfboard signing "The Bird Is The Word".  If by this time you've turned your speakers up you'll probably have to be buying some silk ties to replace the ones that were damaged when people spilled coffee all over 'em at the sudden blast of TBITW.

I can just imagine the reaction in an office when all of a sudden "The Bird Is The Word" comes blasting out of one of the cubicles.  What would be more funny however would be to arrange for TBITW to play in place of the big multi-media presentation at a corporate board meeting.

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