How Good An Idea Is An Invisibility Cloak?

I’m asking that question because I saw a piece on slashdot about how scientists and researchers are actually making progress toward being able to construct an actual, working invisibility cloak.

I am not a hamster, This isn’t just smoke and mirrors. This is talking about something that if you put it in front of or around something, then that something will not be visible to the naked eye.

Of course, they’re working on a scale of a few centimeters, I doubt that you’ll be able to buy a few yards of this at Wally world or Army surplus anytime in the next couple dozen years.

What is fascinating is the simple fact that they’re actually getting it done at all.

I’m wondering just how good an idea it is to have something like that. If (aside from governments and the military… that’s bad enough) criminal elements got hold of a usable supply of something like the, nobody’d be safe.

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