Odd Destination!

Because I often have a problem hearing things correctly when people are either speaking low or are halfway across the house, I frequently mis-hear things that aren’t *quite* what they actually said.

I had a case of this today when my nieces were in the next room. One was singing something I couldn’t make out and the other was trying to read something. That’s when I hear what sounds to me like the older saying to the younger “Stop Singing! You’re driving me to constipation!”.

I am not a hamster, I knew instantly that wasn’t what was really said but just the same I couldn’t help how funny that sounds. Not to mention what a really bad problem that would be.

This unintended humor is one of the few (if any) good things about my hearing not being quite what it used to be. It makes for some really funny moments when I tell people what something they said sounded like to me.

For example there’s the time somebody said “prom dress” and I ended up hearing something like “Frog Rig”. How it got mangled so badly is partly due to somebody mumbling instead of speaking clearly and partly due to me being about 15 feet away and paying attention to something on TV at the time.