Apple Re-invents The Wheel??

I know, here he is with another video…. but this one’s just too funny. It’s a spoof of Apple’s MacBook line with an interesting twist. Featuring the announcement of a new version of the machine that will finally do away with the keyboard.

That’s right, I am not a hamster, I said “do away with the keyboard”. Instead replacing it with a single wheel very reminiscent of the control wheel on the iPod.

Think about it for a second though, how many people saw this and believed it to be a real story? Then again, if *could* be a way to reduce spam, IF you could require all spammers to only use the MacBook Wheel.

Anyway, I’ve only got about 450 clicks left to finish entering the url for this cool Wilmington NC real estate that I want to look at, how about you watch the video for more information while I finish clicking. ;P

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