I’ve talked before about the whole credit / Foreclosure mess that’s been all over the news lately as the cause of so much roller coaster style action on the Dow and other indexes lately and honestly, I don’t see things changing all that much until people start being a lot more careful about the credit they use and what it can really cost them. There’s a LOT of people these days finding this out the hard way, losing properties in Foreclosures that didn’t need to be if they’d only been more careful to start out with.

Of course, I am not a hamster but I think it’s safe to say that most (not necessarily all) financial companies don’t really want the customers to know a whole lot about foreclosure… especially when it comes to preventing it from happening. There’s a lot of places that offer all kinds of loan information and calculators, but not nearly as many with information about foreclosure.

That’s why looks like a lot of people might benefit from it. There’s a bunch of information there about Foreclosure… State laws, how the process works, advice on how to deal with your lender during a foreclosure.. and so on. It’s an old saying “knowledge is power”, and it’s still true. Knowing more about foreclosure can ease the nerves and let you know some options

There’s also a bunch of other information about things like Bankruptcy, Debtor’s rights and more. Also, they’re not just about financial matters. This site also has information about Personal Injury situations, Consumer Rights, Small Businesses and more. Definitely worth a look.