I Hate Roller Coasters

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m not talking about the kind you find in amusement parks & carnivals and such. I’m talking about the Financial roller coaster that Wall st has been on the last few weeks.

First it’s down a few hundred, then it’s up a few. Then it’s down again, next it’s WAY up. All of this in response to the hideous credit situation that started showing up in the news a few months ago and has been gradually getting more press since then.

I am not a hamster however, All we’re seeing is reactions and reactions to reactions. So far that I have seen, hardly anyone has actually tried to actually do anything about the thing… like fix a very sloppy credit system that lets loans go through that shouldn’t… loans which eventually end up getting forclosed and costing people their homes and dreams

Wake up Wall St! Band-aids from the Fed ain’t going to help in the long run.