Online WHAT tests?

Here’s something that I haven’t actually heard of before. Would you believe Online Lab Tests? Apparently you can now get just about any kind of lab test done by making the arrangements online at a place like Private MD Labs. You order the tests you want done and handle payment online. Then you look up the closest collection center on their site, head over there to get the necessary samples taken and then when the tests are done you get the results nice and private like. As I understand it you get an email with a link to your test results which you can download, print, whatever.

For people without health insurance or who have it and don’t need premiums to go up this can be a good thing since this online lab test thing doesn’t have anything to do with your insurance. The whole thing is kept private. The only exception is in cases where they’re required by law to report something, but that wouldn’t apply to most people

This kind of service can also be much less expensive than getting a referral to a hospital lab from your doctor…. no doctor’s office call, no referral fees, no insurance claims.

Because everything is handled with privacy in mind, it’s also a good way to check up on one’s health by doing things like discreet STD testing, Cholesterol tests as well as things like looking for cancers or other things that may have shown up in your family history.

I am not a hamster, I wouldn’t use something like this to replace a doctor, but it could be a way to save some money on testing. You could always print the results and take them to your doctor if you felt the need to.