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Robbery With A Twist

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 9th, 2009

7 Eleven stores get robbed all the time, it's almost expected really, Convenience stores have been targets since forever.  However recently there was a somewhat unusual twist in a couple of recent robberies in Denver that qualifies as a severe misuse of promotional products.

You see, the robber used a small, almost tiny, version of a Klingon bat'leth as his weapon of choice.

Klingon batleth

According to witnesses he entered the store with the weapon and demanded money.  I haven't seen anything to indicate if he made his demands in tlhIngan Hol "nob jIH Hoch lIj Huch" or in English "give me all your money", however he ended up with the money at the first store, the clerk at the second store refused to give him anything.

I only wish the Denver tv station had posted a video I could have embedded here.  From looking at the small picture that they did show it looks to me like he had about a 1/3 size toy replica since the actual bat'leth is about three feet long.  No wonder the second clerk didn't give him anything, she couldn't take him seriously, trying to rob a store with a toy.

Then again, even a small toy replica could be dangerous if it were sharpened metal instead of just plastic.

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