Verizon Reps Fail Math

This is both hilarious and sad at the same time. I ran into this video that was posted on Failblog. It’s actually a recording of part of a call to Verizon over a billing issue. Seems that they billed him $71.79 for his use of 35,896 Kilobytes while he was in Canada.

The problem with that is that when you play the video you find out that the rate they were charging was .002 cents per kilobyte. The phone droid he was talking to couldn’t seem to get the idea in his pointy little head that .002 cents is NOT the same thing as .002 dollars.

I am not a hamster OR a mathematician but it really is a simple calculation:

35896 Kilobytes
x .002 cents per kilobyte
71.792 cents

Obviously, somebody did the math and didn’t stop to think that they had not converted from cents to dollars at any point. If they HAD converted to dollars (by dividing the money amounts by 100), then the total would have LOOKED different. It would, however, have had the same value and that would NOT be seventy one dollars and change.

71.792 cents converted to dollars [71.792 / 100 = .71792] is $.71792 dollars

No matter how you slice it, both of those number have the same value. You’d think that a company like Verizon would require that it’s employees, especially those in the billing department, to have at least a basic understanding of simple math.

Apparently not.

How sad.

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