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On The Lighter Side

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 13th, 2009

I've gone and done it again, allowed myself to get too serious on this blog which I really *do* want to keep on the humorous side as much as possible.  So it's time (again!) to make a deliberate effort to lighten up and stop being so serious here and yes, I am not a hamster, that means we're in for some goofy stuff and silliness.

With that in mind I started doing some stumbling which I find is a pretty good way to find something fill the need for a chuckle or two.  In my travels through the place I'll call "Stumbleville" I ran across a couple of pics that do the job nicely.

The first of these gems comes from a site with the eye catching name of "Chicken Crap".  It's a pic of a duck or other aquatic bird (it's hard for me to tell for certain) walking away from the water with what looks for all the world like a look of genuine disgust on it's beak.  I'm thinking he's probably on the way home to call his travel agent and check out Orlando vacations to get away from what looks like a cold, soggy day that even a duck would get disgusted with.

disgusted bird has had enough

Without doubt, the guy deserves a thumbs up, he's had a baaaaaad day.

Next up, I just couldn't pass up this little gem that I saw on Screen Rant today.  I don't need to say anything about it because it does a beautiful job of self description.

I'm Kirk and I'm just SO awesome!

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