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How To Make Vacuuming Fun

Posted by Non-Hamster on February 24th, 2009

Would it surprise you to find out that I don't like vacuuming?  Probably not right?  It's one of those chores that has to be done yet can be a literal pain to do.  Dragging out the old upright and hauling it over the floors takes a lot more out of me these days than it ever used to.  Where I used to be able to do the whole house in one go, I now stop about halfway through and decide if I want to just put there rest of the job off to the next day.

Problem with this is that skipping the job even for just a couple days means that there's going to be plenty of visible evidence that nobody's done the vacuuming lately and since I am not a hamster, I actually do want the floors cleaned regularly.

Today I decided to have a look at what I could find in the way of a "better" vacuum cleaner.  I started out on's weekly sale page and I was surprised to see that they had something that would not only make the job easier, but it's also got the advantage of being extremely cool too.

This gem is the iRobot Roomba 560 Robot Vacuum.  It's an automated vacuum cleaner.  It goes about it's business automatically until either the job is done or it needs to return to it's base to dock and recharge.

I've actually heard of these before but I didn't realize that their technology had advanced as far as this has.  Self adjusting height that detects whether it's on smooth flooring or shag carpet, has the ability to sense and clean along the edges of walls.  It can even be programmed to do it's thing overnight while everybody's asleep.

The coolest part of it though is, in my opinion, the fun factor.  I want to get one of these just so that I can turn it loose and see what my cat will do with it.  I figure that because he REALLY doesn't like "strangers" very much it might take him a day or three to get used to it but once he does..... I just know it's going to become his mission in life to tell it who's boss.

Say what you will but I anticipate many hours of entertainment with the epic story of Cat vs Roomba.

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