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In recent weeks I've spent a lot of time looking into just about every kind of Internet Marketing / earning money online offer I can find in search of one that isn't total bullshit and doesn't take a holy fortune to get started.  In that search I've run across a large number of sites that use what I think is one of THE most annoying tactics I've ever run into.

I'm looking over some marketer's pitch page for their "ultimate money making system" and I decide to close that browser tab.  When I click the "close tab" button, instead of that tab politely disappearing from my browser, a popup appears with a chat bot that either offers me a discount or otherwise tries to talk me into buying into whatever it is.

I think this is about one of the rudest thing's a website can do, interfere with a visitors decision to leave the page.  Frankly, they don't know why a person is leaving the page or if they plan to return and this extra pressure tactic is only going to convince me that whoever set that up is a genuine five star idiot.

I am not a hamster, when somebody decides to close a tab or leave a site in any other way, then using stupid tactics like this is only going to piss 'em off.  I hate popups, popunders popovers, Etc. to begin with anyway.  Using them to try to pressure me into some thing that I either haven't made up my mind about yet or that I've decided is a crap offer is only going to confirm my decision not to buy whatever it was.

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