I Like Dogs, Really, I Do

At least that’s what I keep telling myself these days. Problem is, it’s becoming less and less true every day. Y’see, I’ve got two neighbors nearby that have dogs, to the best of my knowledge these particular dogs have one thing that they do well. They bark.

Constantly, continually, and apparently without ending. Every time either one of them is put outside, it barks, essentially without stopping until it is once again taken inside. Now I am not a hamster, I’m realistic about it. I’m fully aware that dogs are going to bark. It’s what they do.

However in this situation, lets just say I won’t be needing any Leptovox, my nerves are jacked up enough as it is from unending, incessant barking from these dogs. Oh, did I mention that if they’re both outside at the same time they seem to get a conversation going? OIY! I’d *almost* rather attend a political convention!! It’s that bad. One to the east and one to west.

Why don’t I say something to the owners? Oh, I will, never fear. Thing is, I already know that they’re not the type to give a crap. I’m actually giving serious consideration to getting a couple of ultrasonic audio circuits, the kind that makes a 100+ decibel sound that only the dogs can hear?

I figure turnabout’s fair play, let the dogs listen to that for a couple of weeks and maybe they’d be grateful enough when I turned them off to shut up for a while.

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  1. I’d be thrilled just to have barking dogs next door. We live downstairs from two dogs. I don’t think our apartment complex should have put them upstairs in the first place, but the dog owner shouldn’t play fetch with them all night either.

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