AIG Exec’s Really Don’t Have A Clue Do They?

I’m so tired right now I can barely see straight but after seeing this on the evening news I just HAD to say something about it before I pack it in for the night. I am of course referring to AIG having the sheer unmitigated ‘nads to use bailout money to pay millions in bonuses to a bunch of higher-ups.

Like many (if not most) taxpaying citizens out there I’m totally pissed about it. It’s bad enough that our hard earned tax dollars are being given to a company that didn’t have the sense to be responsible enough to keep from going under because of idiotic schemes on Wall St. in the first place. However now to find out how they’re using that money….

Well, I am not a hamster, It’s pretty clear to me that the “people” in question who made the decision to use bailout money that way should make sure that their Lexington personal injury lawyer is fully paid ahead of time because if they’re caught in public anytime soon they’re sure to have a whole lot of “personal injuries”.

I hope that Obama can get that money back from AIG though I realize that there probably isn’t much chance of that. On the other hand, AIG should forget about asking for any more. I think it’s safe to say that as far as they are concerned, the well is dry.

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