Points Of View First Episode Posted

It’s official, the “I am not a hamster” productions presentation of “Points of View” has been posted. I’ve also embedded it here for your viewing convenience.

And now for the part where I get blatantly commercial here for a second. Since this is a new project it needs a little extra boost to increase it’s visibility. There are several ways that you, oh loyal readers, can help.

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When you watch it, take a few seconds to go to the YouTube page for it: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMNn_pGIr8M) where you can Rate, Favorite, Comment, and most importantly, Subscribe)

For that matter, you even have the option to support more (and better) videos to come by clicking the Donate button to the right.

Please excuse the fact that this one’s a little rough in spots, there are several bugs to iron out in the production process so I expect that they’ll get better over time.

And now for Points of view, a video response to Padgham’s quirky talents challenge

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