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Legend of The Storm Hag

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 22nd, 2009

I was surfing around odd stories and ran across this.  It's supposed to be one possible explanation of mysterious storms and resulting disappearances of shipwrecks that plague Lake Erie.

According to the legend, A "Storm Hag" that lives on the bottom of Lake Erienear Presque Isle Peninsula.  A hideous she demon with yellow eyes that shine in the dark like a cat.  This monster is describe as having pale green skin and teeth that are sharp and pointed like a sharks. 

The fact that her teeth are green explains why she's also known as "Jenny Greenteeth". She's got long pointed nails that are loaded with a poison that paralyzes her victim.

This old legend says that like a siren she sings a song before she attacks that few have lived to tell about.

As soon as someone hears this song she attacks, calling up a violent storm that tosses the crew of the vessel around.  She then comes up from the water and grabs the ill fated crew.  Others say that she waits out the storm and when her victims believe it's over she rises from the waves, spitting lightning and winds with so strong that the entire vessel sinks in a few seconds.

Now I am not a hamster, I personally don't believe this legend is true.  Though I have to say it might make a good movie.

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