A 36 Hour Video

Ok, I am not a hamster, I’m already sure that you don’t actually think that I’m talking about a video that’s 36 hours long. Besides, who would watch something like that? Certainly not me and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.

The 36 hours refers to how long it took me to get the completed project to render correctly. This is AFTER I had all of the editing, chroma keying and so on all finished and the completed project saved. All I had to do was render the final output video so I could post it on Youtube.

However for some reason it kept coming out with one or more video elements coming out totally black screen with just the sound working. In 36 hours I must have tried a hundred different settings, edits, re-shooting of video components and trans-coding to different formats looking for a combination of things that would have all video AND all audio tracks working at the same time.

The resulting video looks like crap. There’s what looks like a layer of pixelated fog on top that makes it a little difficult to see but after all that time and work I decided to use it anyway because I was simply tired of fighting it.

So now I’m going to do some brief test videos to work out a step by step procedure for coming up with something that looks and sounds the way I want it to at 1280 x 720. In the meantime I guess I’ll have to revert back to 720 x 480 until I get that worked out.

In any event, here’s the video that I fought tooth and nail to get it done….

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