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There Isn't A Middle Ground

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 27th, 2009

Ok, I'll admit that the statement in the title of this post doesn't apply to everything because there are plenty of times where there are middle ground positions.  However There are also plenty of situations where a middle ground does not exist.

One of those was brought to mind by something I saw on YouTube today.  A video that was titled "Everbody's a little bit atheist".  Now I am not a hamster but I can't help thinking there's a hole in that statement you could drive a starship through.

Y'see, since atheism is defined as denying the existence of any god, then it seems obvious to me that you can't be "a little bit atheist.".  Either you are, or you are not.

I am a Christian, therefore it is impossible for me to be considered atheist in any degree because I **DO** believe in a god, THE Lord God of the Bible.

"Bob" also agrees and here's his video comments.  Oh, even before the comments pointing it out appeared in response to the video, I understood that the main intention of that title was to be thought provoking and it did provoke some thought.  It also provoked the making of a video that is also intended to provoke thought.

Happy thinking.

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