Will We See Health Insurance For Everybody

The short version of the answer to that question is very likely “Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.”. Obama’s proposed health care plan has a serious problem growing.

Specifically, who’s gonna pay for it all? His budget sets aside some $634 Billion dollars and the latest word I’ve seen is that money might cover half of the cost.

Obama’s now having to come up with ways to fund the rest of it. Apparently one plan includes assuming that people are spending their health insurance benefits on home improvements like fancy gazebos and backyard bowling ally’s because it includes taxing those health benefits.

Now I am not a hamster but that strikes me as very high on the list of things NOT to do in the quest to win friends and influence people.

I don’t know how they’ll work it out but you can guarantee that it’s gonna screw the little guy no matter what.

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