New Video Soon

I noticed tonight that I’ve fallen behind on making videos for the “Points Of View” series. However after looking over the comments on one of the recent video’s I’ve no doubt that Bob’s going to have something to say about said comments.

This is especially true of at least a couple of individuals that made the worst mistake and referred to Bob as a hamster. Just as I am not a hamster, Bob isn’t one either. He’s actually a gerbil and it seems to me that even somebody all jacked up on an overdose of lipo-6 black ought to be able to notice this.

Somebody even called him a “hater of gay marriages” and that too is dead wrong. Bob and I both have no hatred for gay marriages, we simple do not believe it’s right.

And then there’s the commenter that stated they didn’t care if they ended up in hell. A statement that can only be made by a person who does not understand what they’re saying or the meaning of eternal torment.

Look for Bob’s views on this on Points of view soon.

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