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Having a co-host is cool, it lets you split the workload and bounce ideas around as well as bring an additional perspective to the show.  However things change when the co-host goes out on assignment saying that "I'll have somebody drop in to sub for me" and as time to shoot that episode gets closer and closer with nobody showing up it makes you start to wonder.

Such is the case with Bob.  He took off on an assignment, promised a sub to take his place for this episode and then hasn't been heard from since.  I'm beginning to think that maybe it's a good thing he blew 19 straight hours last week looking over term life insurance quote comparisons and finally settling on a policy before he left.

I am not a hamster, I'm fully aware of how mercenary that sounds but good co-hosts don't just grow on trees.  Thankfully his substitute did finally arrive at the last second and I have to say, she really knows how to pull off a grand entrance.

Meanwhile, in this edition of Points of View we're going over eight of the dumbest "odd news" stories from the last couple of weeks.

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