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A Short Leash

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 5th, 2009

Well, Bob has finally returned and the next video can finally get started.  Hopefully it'll be up in a day or three depending on how cooperative my ego-inflated co-host decides to be.

It's amazing really, I let him go off to do a remote like he's been badgering me to do and how do I get repaid?  He's gallivanting all over Europe spending money like it grew on trees.  Then when he gets back he's got a whole new (larger) set of luggage, filled with all sorts of things that HE doesn't freaking need.  I mean seriously, what the heck is he going to do with a case of satellite radios?!?  Or four different color iPhones... .. all of them tied to a European carrier?  The list goes on, and on, and on... I'm going to be a month getting this stuff returned and refunded.

Yes, I am not a hamster, I should have expected this when I agreed to have him as co-host.  I think it might be time to reconsider the idea.  At the very least, we're going to spend a few hours reducing his ego to something manageable.

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