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Does Your Video Suck?

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 22nd, 2009

So, You've made a video and uploaded it to YouTube but maybe it's not getting the attention that you think it deserves.  This could be simply because you're new and people haven't had time to notice you yet or it could be because the video itself or something about it just plain sucks.

I've made my share of sucky videos before and believe me, I've learned from them.  If I were to do them over again today they'd come out a heck of a lot better.

It really is pretty easy to see if it's because the video sucks.  The very first thing to look to is your comments.  If you've been getting a bunch of comments that are basically telling you that it sucks for some reason, I am not a hamster, even I know when it's time to take a good objective look at it to see if they're right.  If they are then there's things that you can do to insure that your next video doesn't have the same problems.

Each of these five things can be easily corrected to make your video look a whole lot more professional.

1: Video too dark and it's all but impossible to see.

2: Tutorials / reviews with the music track too loud.  Can't hear your tutorial or reveiw over the music which renders the video useless and extremely annoying.

3: Mumbling, speaking too softly, voice volume too low.  This results in people once again not being able to undertand what you're saying which means you've wasted your time in making the video.

4: Too many annotations covering the picture.  Annotations are sometimes very useful, especially for providing links to other videos however they also get severely overused.  Anytime the annotations are so busy that they cover the picture I (and many other people I'm sure) click away to something else.

5: Tutorial videos that have music tracks but no voice track.  In these the music is almost always too loud and frankly obnoxious crap that sounds more like a cat in a cuisinart than music.  Then the directions are all in the form of a screen capture of the author typing instructions into notepad.

Take a look at the video below for a list of five things that make a video suck and simple things you can do to improve them.

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