ABC Shills For Obama – Give NO Voice To Opposition

I got something in my email yesterday that’s still got me fuming. Seems that ABC news has officially decided that news media no longer needs to bother even pretending to be neutral and present all sides of a story. In fact, they’ve apparently decided to do their part by doing their level best to help put us all on the treadmills to Obama-nation. I am not a hamster but that sure sounds like certain end times prophecy starting to take shape.

I say that because according to the email that was forwarded to me which originated at “The Media Research Center”, next Wednesday ABC news is going to host a “town hall” thing at the White House. The problem with this is that THEY get to pick who’s invited and they’re NOT allowing ANYONE anywhere near it that has an opposing point of view!

I understand that they’ve even gone so far as to refuse to allow even PAID spots opposing Obama’s plan to take us another step closer to being a socialist nation by taking over the healthcare industry.

Never mind that NO government takeover has ever made things work better or less expensive. Never mind that you and I are going to have to shoulder the cost of this thing that’s expected to be over a TRILLION dollars. ABC is going out of it’s way to help Obama ram this monstrosity down our throats whether we want it or not.

Oh yeah, there’s another thing about this absurd plan that I heard about recently. Seems that in Obama-nation it’s going to be law that everybody have health insurance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the insurance companies are required to sell it to you at a price you can afford. It’s going to be a freaking disaster I guarantee it.

Y’know, I might just have to make a video on this topic and turn Bob loose on this mess. Bob’s an ego problem to be sure but he’s got a pretty good bullshit detector too.

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6 Replies to “ABC Shills For Obama – Give NO Voice To Opposition”

  1. I think MY BS detector is going CRAZY!!!

    You’re crying because ABC is biased? I don’t see you complaining about FOX “news” one bit and if ANY station is biased, it would be them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think if what you’re saying here is true, then it’s not a good thing in any way, but a biased article about a biased station is just stupid.

  2. I’ll grant you that Fox News played plenty of BS when it came to the Bush administration, however they at least tried to give the appearance of not being 100% one sided. In this case ABC news isn’t even bothering to pretend to be objective about the news. They’re turning this “town hall” into a full out infomercial. They’re taking this whole “biased media” thing to a whole new level.

  3. yeah. Fox news has a decidedly conservative slant. one of very few that still has the ‘nads to take a conservative position at all. So yep, they’re biased, however I don’t believe they’re AS biased as ABC news has become.

    As for whether or not it’s true, check it out for yourself if you like. check The Media Research Center ( and see what they’ve got to say and who’s saying it, then check them out and see if their facts are correct. I’ll be they are.

  4. I have seen bumper stickers that say O.B.A.M.A. (One Big Ass Mistake America) I am beginning to believe that they are very true. Isn’t it bad enough that Clinton messed up the VA system so it screws over the vets now, but now Obama feels the need to screw the rest of us, too? Those of us who have NO MONEY to spare for things like insurance, will wonder just what we are supposed to pay for this insurance with – our rent, or food money? Why don’t the politicians quit messing up the rest of America and stick with messing up each other? After all they are the ones who can afford it. Aren’t they? 🙁

  5. I want one of those bumper stickers! Meanwhile I’ve seen a graphic with the same message online recently. When I can finally find it again look for it to appear in my sidebar as a permanent fixture.

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