Rock Snot?!?!

Did you just do a double take when you saw the subject line of this entry? That’s what I did when I saw the headline below. Oh, I am not a hamster, this is a serious situation and something really does need to be done about it but you have to admit that the term “Rock Snot” is going to be a memorable one to say the very least.

‘Rock Snot’ Algae Alarming New England Fishermen, Wildlife Biologists

STOCKBRIDGE, Vt. — It looks like a clump of soiled sheep’s wool, a cottony green or white mass that’s turning up on rocks and river bottoms, snarling waterways. Already a scourge in New Zealand and parts of the American South and West, the aquatic algae called “rock snot” is creeping into New England, where it is turning up in pristine rivers and alarming fishermen and wildlife biologists.