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5 Pet Peeves

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 2nd, 2009

When I saw a video on YouTube titled "Tag: 5 Pet Peeves" it was just TOO ripe of a topic to resist.  I freely admit that I've got a LOT of pet peeves and if talking about some of them in a video helps get even one person to decide to do something in a more sensible manner then it will have been worth the time and effort to make the video.

Of course, I am not a hamster, it was also a great excuse to make another video.  Honestly, the had part of this one was cutting the list to just five.  It's a real challenge picking five out of the list to talk about in the video because I've got so many of the thingsl Everything from ceiling fans that are intended just for decoration rather than to have a cooling effect at all to long tv commercials, spring cleaning, the price of gas (or propane!).

Anyway, I finally did manage to pick out five of the more annoying ones and spent a few minutes talking about them.  I have, however, decided that I'm going to revisit this topic in future videos

Technorati Tags: bad habits, texting while driving, annoying things, supermarket crowds, pet peeves, annoying people, cell phones, inconsiderate FLOONS

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