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Viewer Mail #1

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 21st, 2009

Well the "Viewer Mail' video is not only finally done, I actually got it posted on YouTube last Friday.  I'd have posted here about it sooner than this but frankly, the last few days have been ... a pain (literally).

The first thing that jumped almost out of nowhere (as if all the troubles I had in post production wasn't bad enough!) was a monster toothache that couldn't just stop at that.  No, I had to crawl up the right side of my head and turn into a migraine.  I'm sure that anybody that's ever had a migraine will agree that I am not a hamster when I say that it left me pretty much unable to think straight or have any interest in trying to get anything done but sleep until it was over.

Not only did this play a significant part of ruining my chances in a poker tournament Sunday afternoon but it also flat killed any thoughts of getting anything else done.  Then Late Sunday night the rain started.  Normally I like the rain.  It cools things down and makes the weather a lot easier to deal with.  Then the migraine comes along and makes the sound of rain on the trees outside sound like somebody dropping a dozen truckloads of marbles on top of a field of steel buildings, you know, the kind people use for storage or garage space & such?  Just set up one of the biggest ones of those you can find right next to your house and then spend a few hours dropping a couple of billion marbles onto it from 500 feet up.

In any event, here's the first "viewer mail" episode.  While I don't know if there's likely to get enough questions to to whole episodes of answers like this one but I'm certainly going to work "Viewer Mail" into at least one episode a week.

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