Opt-In Madness

Over the last several months it’s no secret that I’ve been trying to generate an online income. In doing so I’ve run into something that’s not only made it more difficult to weed out the crap ideas, programs, systems, Etc from the relatively few that are worth trying but it’s also resulted in a quadrupling of the amount of email spam I’m getting.

I believe the culprit here is the “Opt in” form. You’ve seen ’em all over. Somebody is “giving away” an ebook or something else and on the page about it all you have to do is enter your name and email address in this handy little form and they’ll shoot you a download link by email.

Now I a not hamster, I get it that this is part of how marketers build their email lists that they then send offers to. What I don’t get is why it’s necessary for so many of them to share or sell those lists. For example I you might “opt in” to get a ebook about diet pills with all the pros and cons of all the most popular ones and then a couple weeks later you find yourself suddenly getting all sorts of spam about turning your pc into a tv or how to get rich selling timeshares.

What’s really annoying about this is that practically every one of these “opt in” pages all swear up and down that they “hate spam as much as you do”. Obviously, a good number of them are lying they’re brains out ’cause that’s the only reason why after opting in for a few things that looked like there might be some potential, I am now getting four times as much spam as I was.

Methinks it’s time to start opting out and next time I’m going to make a throwaway email address to use for the opt in’s that I can just nuke when I’m done with ’em

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  1. It’s still very much a work in progress. However I have amassed quite a collection of material, some of which I’m going to be releasing in an ebook value package sometime soon. BTW- That package is going to be a no opt-in cash-free offer that only asks for a permanent text link in return.

  2. I run across a lot of spam that does NOT have one of those ‘opt-OUT’ link on it to get them to stop sending their trash. What should I do about them other than just delete? Is there an FCC e-mail that you can forward complaints to? That would be nice, especially when I did not opt-in to begin with.
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