Warning: Nonsensical Post

That’s right. This post may very well not make a whole heck of a lot of sense. In fact, I actually debated whether or not to write it but then decided that I am not a hamster could easily withstand a nonsensical post. After all, it’s already been the home of several such nonsensical posts and that hasn’t hurt it (or me) a bit.

Partly nonsense because once again my jaw is raging with toothache pain and I’ve resorted once again to a painkiller. I had a few days of relief since the last one. A few days of not needing to resort to painkillers that leave me feeling like my mind is slowly leaking out of my ears and running down the nonexistent drain in the floor into oblivion.

I’ve got a laptop, a Compaq Presario F500, model F579WM, that’s been a royal pain for months. Only working once in a while and often not for months at a time. Yet in spite of everything I keep trying to get the thing going again. Unlike some wet behind the ears kid who *thinks* more about acne products, girls and beer than anything else, I don’t believe in throwing something away because it stops working. I think you should do everything possible to repair it instead.

But I digress. I’m thinking about maybe making a video of what it does when I attempt to boot the thing. Y’see, I’ve tried several different ways to boot the thing and none of them work. I’ve got a linux boot on a flash drive (and on CD Rom) that works fine on other computers yet this one gets just so far and …. stops. sometimes there is an error messsage, sometimes not.

I often suspect the hard drive is toast but then… booting linux in “live cd” mode doesnt NEED the hard drive… blasted thing SHOULD at least boot linux, even if the machine’s windows vista home premium side is totally hose, the linux boot should work… yet doesn’t.

now i’m sure i need to make a video about this… it’s the only way I can think of to properly show what the thing’s doing. Who knows, maybe one of you loyal readers has a clue about how to get the thing working again without having to invest money in it. (what can I say? There isn’t any to invest.)

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2 Replies to “Warning: Nonsensical Post”

  1. Try making a Memtest disk and test your RAM. So many times I’ve ran into problems and the last thing I checked was RAM only to find that was my problem all along. Now I scan memory first, just to be sure.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I made the Memtest disk and the laptop passed the tests fine. I also found the hard drive diagnostic in the BIOS. Running that test caused the machine to lock up and not respond for hours until I finally had to power it off to get out of the “test”.

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