Laptop Ressurection

In my last post I talked about problems I’ve been having with my laptop. How it wouldn’t boot, even from a Live CD and so on. Well, things have changed. After taking the advice left in a comment on that post and making a Memtest disk and checking the memory in the laptop, the memory checked out good.

Then I found the hard drive diagnostic built into the BIOS and started THAT test going. The machine locked up tight and did not respond for hours. Now I am not a hamster, It’s pretty obvious to me that this means the hard drive is toast.

So now I’ve started looking around for a good price on a replacement drive and it’s actually looking like one might be found for as little as $75 or so. This is a LOT better price than I expected. I had visions of prices high enough to fill one of those walk in tubs with one dollar bills. Unfortunately there’s still another snag in the works. (that figures, doesn’t it?).

Y’see, much as I actually HATE Vista, I do need it for a while, which means that once the new drive is in place I’ll have to use the recovery DVD’s that I made to restore the machine to factory condition (and then set up a dual boot with Kubuntu!). I made those DVD’s last January, not expecting I’d ever need ’em but “just in case” are words to live by y’know.

I labeled them and put them on a shelf and pretty much forgot about them. Now with this news that it may be possible that I’ll need ’em, I went looking and guess what?

They’re **GONE**!

No, I didn’t just move ’em and forget, I had no reason to do anything with them until just recently. Normally when I put something on a shelf like that it can easily sit there undisturbed for YEARS without any problem at all. Not only that but I’ve spend a large part of the last three days pretty much tearing the house apart looking for them and they are simply not here.

What’s ridiculous about it is that because of the way Hp is known to do things, those disks will very likely not work at all on any computer that doesn’t identify itself as a Compaq Presario F500 model F579WM. Of course I can’t just go and make a new set for obvious reasons (besides which, Hp will only permit you to make ONE set, ever.)

I’ve got one theory about what might have happened to them but honestly, it REALLY just doesn’t make any sense at all by any stretch of even the most warped of imaginations. Oh, I’ll keep looking just in case they’re around but it isn’t likely. Besides, there’s also the definition of insane to consider…. doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

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2 Replies to “Laptop Ressurection”

  1. It’s easier than it sounds. You could use just about any Vista installation disk that matches the version on your license sticker and it will install just fine when you enter that product key. Even if it doesn’t, you can still call Microsoft for a new key. (Hope you saved your Office installation disks and keys.) If you really want to have fun, get the free download of Windows 7 Ultimate from TechNet and install it next on a second partition. The license for that one will last a year. After that, get the latest version of Ubuntu or gOS (9.04 at the moment) and install it on a third. You’ll love Windows 7. It has a nice version of MediaPlayer. And Ubuntu… Well… it is what it is. I use it to fix problems with Windows. Ubuntu’s partition editor/formatter works especially well at bringing hard drives and thumb drives back to life. Ubuntu/gOS/Mint trick: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

  2. That’s true enough. The problem is finding one. Not only are such things harder to find in Rural areas like where I live, the license sticker on the bottom of the machine is worn and very nearly impossible to read. Why they don’t protect them with a clear finish or covering is beyond me.

    As for Office, That’s not a problem, I use instead.

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