Quantum Success

It really is a success story of sorts, managing to reproduce the “Quantum Leap” doorway effect, because the footage of the starlet *should* have been shot against a green screen backdrop so that Chroma key could be used to put her in the quantum doorway when it opened.

Unfortunately that wasn’t possible when this footage was shot and yeah, I am not a hamster, I could have simply re-shot it with a proper green screen but then there was the challenge. How to make the effect look decent in spite of the lighting conditions it was shot under.

It didn’t take long to come up with the way to do it, What took a while was implementing it. I ended up building a mask around her to block out the original background and then setting keyframes at nearly every frame to adjust the shape of that mask.

This sort of frame by frame rotoscoping isn’t something I’d normally want to do a whole lot of if I could avoid it but in this case the clip is only 10 seconds long so I figured “what the heck” and did it because I’ve really been wanting to accomplish this effect.

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