Today’s P.I.T.A. Being A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Do you frequently find yourself “A day late and a dollar short”? Do you find that you’re all too often behind the times in one or more ways?

I know *I* certainly do! It seems that almost anything I do I’m way behind the times, by the time I get to it, every body else has already gotten tired of it. Take movies for an example. About two weeks ago I saw Alien Vs Predator and Alien vs Predator: Requiem for the first time.

Look, I am not a hamster, I KNOW that everybody else in the known multiverse has already seen both of ’em so many times they could probably quote ten minute clips of dialog without missing a beat. Yet It actually took me that long to watch as two of science fictions greatest killers tear up everything from Breckenridge lodging to most of an entire town. (before the Feds decide to nuke it that is).

I often have the same problem with computer hardware. For example, by the time I was able to get what I considered at the time to be a middle to high end motherboard, The ASRock K7VM3 had actually been discontinued. The same thing happened with the video card I got a couple months later. I remember when an ATI RAGE 128 Pro was the hottest thing going. By the time *I* got one, they’d been discontinued long enough to be considered legacy hardware.

Recently I thought I was going to FINALLY get current in one thing… I bought an NVidea GeForce 8400gs with 256mb of ram onboard. It arrived today. I’ve been looking forward to getting it because it would make video editing and 3d modeling software run SO much better and it would also make it possible to run Daz3D, a really cool 3d animation package that refused to run because my old ATI RAGE because it didn’t support OpenGL 1.3 or higher.

Also, I actually consider something like this to be a lot more of a need than just a “I really want this”, because I’m doing more and more with video and 3d animation stuffs and I’m very painfully aware of how NOT up to the job my computer is in it’s current state.

Just for the heck of it, I’m gonna ask you readers what you think about how I can overcome some of this behind the times crap and come up with a machine that’s up to what I want to be doing.

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