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Glow In The Dark Cats

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 26th, 2009

Ever have a problem with a cat that just doesn't want to be found?  You spend hours looking for it and no matter what you do there's just no coaxing it to come out where you can find it?  How about the times when the cat is outside and you need it to be inside but once again, it's decided to just chill quietly while you look all over the place for it.

Well some scientists in South Korea have developed a cat that could make your life easier.  How?  When you expose them to UV light, they glow in the dark.  Of course to get the benefit you'd have to install UV ("black light") light fixtures or maybe rig up a UV flashlight.  Then again I am not a hamster, because they were created by way of genetic engineering and cloning I have no doubt that an awful lot of people wouldn't want anything to do with 'em.

Personally, I think it'd be kinda cool.  Especially if they could be made to glow without needing UV light.. (you know, bioluminescence)

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