The Randomness Of Lightning

Ever noticed how lightning can be randomly destructive? I’ve got a couple of real-life examples. About four years ago during one of those really intense thunderstorms that we generally have in springtime there was a lightning strike nearby. It caused a power surge followed by a brief one or two minute outage. When the power came back on our VCR was toast. What’s really strange about it is the fact that the TV, DVD player and treadmill were all plugged into the same power strip (and no, I am not a hamster, they weren’t all running at once) and survived just fine. Nothing else was affected at all but the one part of the circuit powering the VCR.

More recently, the same thing happened to the treadmill. TV, DVD player, VCR and treadmill all plugged into the same power strip. All items were turned off at the time. lightning strike nearby, power out for about 90 minutes or so.

Later that day I went to use the treadmill and it refused to start. The other stuff still works fine. Fortunately I’m not going to need to switch to using weight loss pills because even though the treadmill’s motor doesn’t run anymore, it’s still useful. In fact, it may even be better for weight loss since now it takes considerable effort to use it.

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