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Time To Lose Weight Again

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 29th, 2009

Well, to be honest I am not a hamster, it's really way past time to lose weight.  Sometime around last December I was weighing in at 348 pounds.  I had very little energy, I was worn out and out of breath very easily and it looked like I was going to soon break the 350 mark.  What got my attention was when a doctor that was treating my wife started actually suggesting to me that I would benefit from gastric bypass or lap-band surgery.

I don't know what I hated more.  The doctor for making the suggestion, the fact that I was a candidate for gastric bypass, myself for allowing me to get sloppy and gain all that weight in the first place or what.  I was also aware that my weight had become a problem.  I was needing 4-X and sometimes 5-X clothes.  A normal visit to the doctors office meant using the one exam room that was equipped with one of those bariatric exam tables because the regular one couldn't hold me.  The list goes on and on.

I'll be honest, I hate the idea of counting calories or trying to sift among the dozens of weight loss plans almost as much as I hated carrying the weight.  Finally, about three months or so later when I'd started to get over some of the worst of the "I don't give a crap about anything" feeling that stayed with me after my wife died, I started doing something about my weight.

I changed my eating habits which involved both what and how much, I increased my physical activity by starting to actually USE the treadmill sitting in the living room.  I also had other help in the form of a side effect of my doctor prescribing lasix because of how bloated I was becoming.

Over the next month I managed to lose weight.  I knew it was coming off, just not how much because I don't have a scale at home.  However I discovered at the doctors office for a regular checkup that I'd dropped 22 pounds.  A few months later I was down to 286!  I felt a lot better, it was easier to breathe, I had more energy and so on.

Then something happened that sent my mood into the toilet because it not only reminded me once again of my wife's death, it made it seem like the whole thing had just happened.  Combine that with having to make the choice between paying bills and getting prescriptions, I ended up stopping the lasix.  It's now been about two months or so without it and I can definitely feel the difference.  To make matters worse, I recently was in the doc's office for another checkup and I've bounced back again.. to 330!

Because of that, I'm working on an idea that I think will help me to get the weight off and develop the new habits that will keep it off once and for all.  We'll see.

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