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I Hate My Jaw

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 7th, 2009

That may sound like a strange thing to say but I've got good reason.  You see, for the last several months I've had the most incredibly long running problem with toothache and jaw pain that I've ever heard of.  It's like there's a set of government labs set up in my teeth.  The thing is that they're not just working on nice, helpful things like new treatments for Mesothelioma or a cure for the common cold or even a way to produce cheap, abundant power.  It feels very much like these are working on weapons systems.

And before you think that I'm exaggerating, let me say I am not a hamster or a whiner, As I type this, it feels very much like some genius just set off a 400 gigaton warhead in my upper right jaw about an hour ago.

If this progresses like usual, in less than another hour I'm going to be fighting a migraine that will leave me almost totally unable to tolerate light and sound.

Painkillers you say?  Tried 'em.  In the last hour I've had four aspirin and a couple of Aleve and in the next few minutes I'm going to get out the tylenol AND the ibuprofin and HOPE that it knocks this thing down in less than three or four hours.  Otherwise I'm gonna be up all fargin night with this bloody thing.

The worst part about this mess is that there isn't much that can be done about it except possibly removing all of the offending teeth.  The problem there is that medicare & medicaid don't pay for dental work at all that I've been able to find out.  Why do you suppose that is?  I could understand if all they refused to pay for was the cosmetic stuff but this is a seriously painful situation here and there's nothing cosmetic about it.  Those teeth have GOT to go.

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  1. andy on 09.11.2009 at 14:07 (Reply)

    Medicaid in our state pays for dental treatment for adults.

    1. Non-Hamster on 09.11.2009 at 16:10 (Reply)

      I wish Arkansas were that much more “with it’.  Just out of curiosity, What state is that?

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