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Criminally Stupid

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 17th, 2009

Maxi Sopo must have thought he was some kind of genius.  According to this CBS story he came to the US in 2003 and was making a living selling roses in Seattle nightclubs for a while before he decided to move up to bank fraud.

According to federal prosecutors he worked with another guy to defraud Seattle area banks and credit unions of more than $200,000.  When he found out that federal agents were looking into the fraud scheme he rented a car and drove to Mexico.  But all that is just the beginning of the story.

Here's the part where he proves that, rather than being a genius, he really needed to have his brain given the full treatment with an industrial strength steam cleaner.  He was having a good old time, taking life easy and partying like crazy.  The feds hadn't any idea where he was though they were doing all the usual stuff which these days includes watching social media... you know, the facebook, myspace, twitter pages & such of suspects waiting for them to slip up and leave clues where they are.

Well, Maxi didn't disappoint them. He started posting updates on Facebook about how much fun he was having.  He had his profile set to private but apparently his friends list wasn't, so investigators gave it a good look to see what they could find.  It turned out that one of Maxi's friends had listed an affiliation with the Justice Department.  From there it didn't take long before Maxi found himself sitting in a Mexico City jail awaiting extradition.

Now I was going to leave this post at this point and give o'l Maxi boy the Dumb Criminal award but then I saw a post by Kat about how she was scammed by D&A Pharmacy in North Port Florida and I just couldn't leave that alone.

In Kat's own words, here's what went down:

I went into the pharmacy and handed over my script and the pharmacist filled it, ran my insurance for it, and my co-pay was going to be $2.40, and that's when the pharmacist told me that she was losing money because of the insurance.
"What?" I asked.
"Because I am accepting your insurance for this medication," the female Indian pharmacist said, "I am losing money on it."
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"Let me explain. I pay $40 for the medication, Humana is only going to pay me $20 for it, you are only going to pay me $2.40 for it, so I am losing $20.00 by accepting your insurance and giving you this medication" she said.
"Ok, what does that mean for me?" I asked.
"It means that unless you pay me $20.00 for the medication, I cannot let you have this prescription" she said.

What the genius pharmacist apparently didn't stop to think about is that patients get reports from insurance providers that detail clearly what things cost, how much the insurance paid and what the co-pay is.  In this case is no different as Kat explained:

The medication costs $670.62, my co-pay is $2.40, and then Humana pays the pharmacy $668.22.

This alleged person at the pharmacy obviously must have thought that Kat was born yesterday or maybe just got off the boat from DUHville because that's the only reason that they could possibly have though that it would be worth the risk to steal $20 from her with such an obvious load of crap.

And before anyone suggests that she could have simply refused to pay and gone to another pharmacy, this was the last pharmacy in the Florida that had the pain medication that she needed so very badly.  You can lean more about Kat's story on her blog Katscan and her other blog My Single Mom Life.  She's been through a hell of a lot and really doesn't need crap like this on top of everything else.

In any event, Kat has rightly gotten in touch with Humana, the police in North Port and Florida's price gouging hotline about this pharmacy.  Therefore I'm proud to announce that the D & A Pharmacy in North Port Florida, located at 3015 Bobcat Village Center Rd. in the Bobcat Village Shopping Plaza is the first (and most deserving) winner of the I am not a Hamster version of the Trojan-Enz Boner of the Week Award.

(thank you Major League II)

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1 Comment

  1. Kat on 17.10.2009 at 13:21 (Reply)

    Thank you for helping to spread the word about D&A Pharmacy in North Port Florida.
    I just want every single person in the south west Florida area, to be aware of this pharmacy and the illegal things that they are doing to their customers.
    They are defrauding insurance companies, price gouging, and basically, stealing from innocent people, and it is mostly senior citizens that live in the North Port area.

    I can only imagine how many seniors on Medicare with a part D prescription plan like I have, (I am disabled receiving SSDI and Medicare) have either already been duped by this husband/wife team pharmacy team, or will be duped by them if they are allowed to continue getting away with what they are doing.

    The idea of all of the innocent seniors who live in North Port and who are not aware that being asked for more than the co-pay amount is not only wrong, but illegal, would just pay it because they so badly need their prescriptions, is a thought that crossed my mind after it happened to me, an almost middle aged and intelligent woman, made me cringe.

    This is Medicare fraud when you boil it down, my Humana insurance is my Medicare part D provider, so what this pharmacy is doing is fraud, and it leaves me wondering just what other kinds of things this place has done to all of those seniors who live in that area.

    It’s a full service pharmacy, not just prescriptions, but all kinds of OTC medications and products like shower chairs, canes, walkers, hearing aids, flu shots, etc etc, that either the part D provider covers, or Medicare itself covers, so I can only imagine how much Medicare fraud they have done to unsuspecting people and all of the senior citizens who trust their local pharmacists with their very lives.

    The thought frightens me.
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..North Port, here I come. =-.

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