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YouTube & Google Think I'm In France

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 17th, 2009

In the last few days that both Google and YouTube suddenly can't seem to figure out where I am or what language I prefer.  Both seem to have decided that I'm in France and have started to default to offering me content in French.  I'll also not that this doesn't change even if I log in, They still assume that I'm in France and want French language used.

I am not a hamster nor am I imagining this.  It's fairly new (to me) behavior.  Previously, both sites would automatically serve me content in English and assume that I was in the US.  Also, my habit of having my browser delete cookies at the end of the session is NOT the reason for this because I've had my browser set that way for years and this behavior is new.

This is completely ridiculous since all that's needed is to read the language and location information from the browser's user agent string which in my case is set to "en-US".  Then if somebody wants different settings they can either change their user agent string or change preferences on YouTube.

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