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Another Waste of Time

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 3rd, 2007

This one is annoying on several levels..  First is the idea that these people actually took time and spent money to determine something that anyone with two brain cells in contact with one another could tell you for free.  "Critics don't know squat"

Second is the fact that there are a LOT more worthy things to be studying... things that could actually benefit someone.

Study: Ordinary People Have Good Taste, Too

It doesn't take years of film appreciation classes to recognize a good movie, new research suggests.

Scientists who have attempted to determine if people had "good taste" in forms of cultural entertainment, such as movies, found that the judgments of experts —the standard bearers for good taste—usually didn't mesh with what was popular with the masses.

I am not a hamster but I know a waste of time when I see one.

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