Zombie Identification Fail

It was business as usual at a restaurant south of the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City at around quarter after one in the morning. A guy is ordering food when another guy accuses him of, get this, being a zombie! The accuser (who clearly has a more than a few short circuits in his brain’s electronics) then hit the first guy in the eye. When the victim, who clearly couldn’t have been a zombie, tried to call police our would be zombie fighter hit him again, broke his nose and then ran out the back door.

I can’t help wondering why it is that the attacker decided this guy was a zombie. I mean seriously folks, I am not a hamster, anyone that’s ever seen any number of zombie movies knows that if this guy had been a zombie, A) he would absolutely not have been ordering food because B) he’d have been trying to kill and / or munch down on the restaurant customers and staff.

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