Keyboard Fun

Among the many varietys of “fun” that I’ve been having lately is “keyboard fun”. This does not mean that I’ve been enjoying the use of some keyboard instrument.

Rather it’s a thin sarcasm aimed at my keyboard. It’s a good one, or at least it was.

It’s a Dell keyboard no more than a couple of years old. It looks great, low profile black desing that I really prefer.

However it’s been having a lot of sticky key problems. Sometimes a key will stick in the down position. This can be hard to spot sometimes if the key is caps-lock, control, alt or shift when you’re using it to control a game.

Then I switch to a text editor or email program and find myself writing in all upper case, caps don’t seem to work, or even times when nothing appears to work.

The other kind of problem is when I’m typing and some key or other just doesn’t work for a second or three. Suddenly I can find myself writing that email and I’ll see something like musiansfriends instead of Musician’s Friend when I’m answering somebody’s question about what is Joey’s favorite place to shop.

It makes for what must be 50 times as many typos to fix than there normally are.

too bad I can’t just run out and get a new keyboard.