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Who The F*** is Sharon BialeK?

November 8th, 2011

Sharon Bialek came forward with sexual harassment allegations against presidential candidate Herman Cain after recent reports that two women had been financially compensate (fancy term for “Paid”) back in the 1990s because of some “alleged” sexual harassment by Cain and a third woman had considered filing a complaint against Cain around that same time. Obviously […]

As we move farther and farther into the Obama presidency I have noticed that those who make it a point to defend him and his policies & decisions are definitely becoming fewer and farther between. Oh it’s not like he’s in any danger of not having a significant number of supporters any time soon.  Yet […]

There’s a genuine full on “Duh Moment” happening in New Mexico.  It seems that a state Senate committee gutted a bill passed by the House that was intended to stop the practice of allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses.  Instead they establish stronger penalties for fraudulently getting a license.\ Governor Susan Martinez calls the […]

Beyond Ridiculous

January 2nd, 2011

My father used to have an expression he would occasionally use to describe how difficult something was.  He’d say it was “Like playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers” which, if you’re familiar with the game (no? google it), should give you a pretty good idea that whatever he was talking about was *very* difficult. I sometimes […]

Proof No One Is Safe

December 6th, 2010

This week’s episode of “Points of View” should prove once and for all that nobody but nobody is safe from being called out as a boob if that’s how they’re seen acting. It matters not who you are or what your position in life is.  Get caught displaying signs that you’re a boob and there […]

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