Who The F*** is Sharon BialeK?

Sharon Bialek came forward with sexual harassment allegations against presidential candidate Herman Cain after recent reports that two women had been financially compensate (fancy term for “Paid”) back in the 1990s because of some “alleged” sexual harassment by Cain and a third woman had considered filing a complaint against Cain around that same time.

Obviously the Cain campaign maintains that these allegations are false

In an effort that is obviously intended to cast doubt, distrust and suspicion on Sharon Bialek an outfit calling themselves “the Republican businessman’s advisers” put out a news release Tuesday that starts out asking “Who is Sharon Bialek?” and goes on to do it’s level best to take anything they could find out about her and paint the most negative picture they could.

It says she’s had a “long and troubled history, from the courts to personal finances.” It calls attention to some news reports that mention her involvement in a paternity case and a bankruptcy filing.

I don’t see where that’s even relevant. So she’s been involved in a paternity case and she’s had to file bankruptcy. Big deal. Both of these are things that thousands of people are involved in every single day without there being any reason to suspect that anything improper is going on.

For that matter, the way the economy is going it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that bankruptcy filings are reaching record proportions.

That report also points out that her case is being handled by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and questions who is paying for her legal representation. It also tries to, without actually saying so, accuse her of doing this just because she’s been promised money from the media for her story or that maybe she’s been offered a job in exchange for doing this.

Bialek replied to these thinly veiled accusations by saying that Allred has taken the case with no fee and that nobody is paying her for her story OR offered her a job for going public. She further admits that she’s had money problems and that this has included bankruptcy.

Like I said, her money problems are nothing unique. The thing that I think is far more suspect is the extent that the Herman Cain campaign and it’s supporters are going to practice character assassination.

Does Herman Cain in fact have something to hide? Is the reason for all this crap that he’s actually lying through his teeth about the whole thing?

I don’t know the answers to that question but I do know this: I will NOT vote for or support him specifically because of this matter. I realize that all politicians are, by their very nature, skilled and well practiced liars but there’s something indefinable about Herman Cain’s case and the way it’s playing out in the media. The more he flails about saying he didn’t do it, the more I think that maybe he did.

Of course, the general public may never know for sure.

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Big Content Trying to Destroy The Internet As We Know It

It’s back and by all accounts it’s worse than ever before. The newest incarnation of internet blacklist legislation is being pushed through congress.

This “legislation” (and I use the term loosely here) was NOT written by lawmakers! It was written by lobbyists working for “Big Content” and Hollywood.

They’re basically trying to take over the internet and they need to be stopped.

More details in this video:

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Greedy Banks Are Greedy

Have you noticed your bank charging you a monthly fee to use your debit card to make purchases? You’re not alone.

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Facebook Is Tracking You All Over The web – How You Can Stop Them.

Bob is back and he hasn’t even taken time to settle in before cranking out a new episode of Points of View.

This one is a bad news / good news thing.

The bad news is that the cookie that facebook sets when you visit that site is one of those that never expires and they can and do use that cookie to track your movements all over the web.

The good news is that there is a way to stop ’em.

see the video for details.

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No, The ‘Resession’ Is NOT Over

For a while now I have been seeing various references and statements that indicate that economists and the White House have essentially declared that the ‘recession’ is over and has been for quite some time.

It’s not.

More than that, if they were actually to be honest about it and call a spade a spade, it’s not a ‘recession’ at all. It’s a full on depression, second only to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

Prices continue to skyrocket out of control while incomes remain the same or actually decrease. For the last two years the federal government has been denying cost of living increases for people on social security and social security disability, saying that the cost of living has not increased.

This statement tells me that they’re either just plain incompetent or are lying to save money. I personally believe the latter. I can tell the cost of living has in fact increased because prices at the store have been steadily increasing. In fact, some prices are actually 50% to 100% higher than they were two years ago. That’s the cost of living going up.

Another sign that the economy is still in the toilet is the prices you can get when selling things like silver coins. Because I desperately needed the money I recently sold my wife’s collection of morgan silver dollars and I was surprised and disappointed to find that these coins, many of which dated before 1890, only brought the base silver price of about $25 each when I know that they should have brought in upwards of $50 each. Some of them should have gotten me upwards of $100 each and yet they all went for $25 because nobody would pay more than that.

So the next time somebody tries to tell you that the economy is on the mend take a look at how much more you’re spending at the store for the same things and tell ’em they’re suffering from delusions if they think things are better.

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