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There’s a genuine full on “Duh Moment” happening in New Mexico.  It seems that a state Senate committee gutted a bill passed by the House that was intended to stop the practice of allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses.  Instead they establish stronger penalties for fraudulently getting a license.\ Governor Susan Martinez calls the […]

I’m totally serious here.  There are some parents (usually only deserving of the term because of biology) that have absolutely zero sense when it comes to their children.  This is particularly true when it comes to the names that they saddle these unfortunate young ones with. While I could present an assortment of generic examples, […]

Today started out pretty good.  I had about twenty writing jobs ahead of me that I figured I would have no problem getting finished in by Sunday midnight so that I could get paid for them in time to keep my internet from being turned off. Through the day I made decent progress on them, […]

Beyond Ridiculous

January 2nd, 2011

My father used to have an expression he would occasionally use to describe how difficult something was.  He’d say it was “Like playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers” which, if you’re familiar with the game (no? google it), should give you a pretty good idea that whatever he was talking about was *very* difficult. I sometimes […]

If you see a posting on your facebook wall by an application called ‘Who Has Deleted Ya’ (or other variations on the name) do NOT click on it. It’s another facebook scam. Technorati Tags: ipad, iphone 4, spam, who, socialNetworking, web, security, has, deleted, WhoHasDeletedYa, ya, Iphone4, survey, top, facebook, boob, scam, iamnotahamster, boob of […]

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