Bob’s New Business Venture

Big news, Bob is up to something. Now I know the first thing many will say is “so? He’s always up to something” and they’d be right. The difference in this case is that he’s up to something that should actually work and not offend people (something else he’s known for).

He was telling me the other day about, a pay per click agency that helps you make money through your website. He said that a friend of his told him about it so he checked out the Home page and had a look at both the Advertiser page and the Publisher page and decided to sign up as a publisher. He said that it wasn’t long after he had the ads running on his website that he was already started earning money with it.

Because I’m always interested in ways to make more money I’ve been looking the site over myself and so far I have to say that I like what I’ve seen. If you’re looking to make some money with your website then is definitely worth checking out.

Big Content Trying to Destroy The Internet As We Know It

It’s back and by all accounts it’s worse than ever before. The newest incarnation of internet blacklist legislation is being pushed through congress.

This “legislation” (and I use the term loosely here) was NOT written by lawmakers! It was written by lobbyists working for “Big Content” and Hollywood.

They’re basically trying to take over the internet and they need to be stopped.

More details in this video:

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Greedy Banks Are Greedy

Have you noticed your bank charging you a monthly fee to use your debit card to make purchases? You’re not alone.

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Facebook Is Tracking You All Over The web – How You Can Stop Them.

Bob is back and he hasn’t even taken time to settle in before cranking out a new episode of Points of View.

This one is a bad news / good news thing.

The bad news is that the cookie that facebook sets when you visit that site is one of those that never expires and they can and do use that cookie to track your movements all over the web.

The good news is that there is a way to stop ’em.

see the video for details.

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Building A New Desktop

It’s been well over a year now since my last desktop computer finally died. It was a faithful machine, having run tirelessly for well over three years and most of that it was on 24/7 with only a minimum of reboots.

It died about a month or two after I got my laptop. Fortunately I was able to get an IDE to USB adapter and recover everything I needed off of it’s hard drive.

The laptop has performed excellently for this whole time and it continues to work great. However with my Minecraft videos I have learned that netbook computers, while really great tools, especially when it comes to computing on the go, are not *quite* up to playing with a good framerate… especially when recording video of the gameplay. The obvious answer is to rebuild my desktop.

This will be the fourth desktop that I’ve built and I hope to make it the best I’ve done yet. I want it to be powerful enough to run Minecraft and Fraps at the same time and still get a good framerate while rendering a video.

I know this can be done because I’ve seen countless Minecraft videos where the person doing it would comment that they were rendering a video while playing & recording Minecraft. This will go a LONG way toward a vast improvement in the quality of my Minecraft videos.

I’ve already got the following parts:

micro-ATX tower
450Watt atx power supply
windows keyboard
17inch monitor
optical mouse

I still need these parts to continue the build.

reasonably modern motherboard & cpu
several gigabytes of memory
reasonably modern Nvidea video card
good size hard drive
sound card.

…oh, and a legitimate copy of Windows XP PRO service pack 3 because I am *NOT* ready to venture into Windows 7. Why should I when XP PRO does everything I need?

Getting this stuff is a really super slow process thus far because my financial situation can best be described as “non-existent”. (one has to HAVE finances before one can have a financial situation!)

Some might ask “if things are that bad why spend money on this?”. The answer is that these Minecraft gameplay videos are actually helping me out financially. Granted it’s only by a very tiny amount so far but I seriously expect that to change for the better as the youtube channel that I use for these videos becomes more popular.

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