The Minecraft House

Have you ever thought about what a house would be like if you could use features from Minecraft in it’s design? Specifically things that use Minecraft’s unique game mechanics only in real life?

I think that such a house would have a lot of rather unique water features such as a water ladder (if you assumed the way things worked in Beta 1.4 or earlier as valid.) Or perhaps a water elevator or “mobavator” that would capture intuders, raise them up to a suitable height above the house and then drop them onto the pavement out front.

Or an item delivery system that featured streams of water flowing over ice. Items dropped in it would move very quickly to their destination, you’d just need a rack of dispensers to eject them into the stream on demand.

Personally, I like the idea of a lava trap for intruders. If they don’t press the right combination of buttons at the front door a bucket of lava is dumped on them.


The adventure of my computer build that started over a month ago has finally come to a close. A successful one at that.

After Hardtsonfire sent his old motherboard, cpu & ram, there was a long delay because the Danish post office chose for some unknown reason to route it through Argentina. To say the least, they handled it “roughly”. To be more precise, when it got here the box looked like it had been drop-kicked all the way from Argentina to Arkansas.

In any event, I started looking around for the things I’d need to get a system built around it. Windows 7, hard drive, power supply, graphics card, etc. It was around then that Ronniemac73 contributed an Nvidea GeForce GTX 295, which I learned quickly is a beast of a GPU.

The last few things arrived and I put the system together. As I started I noticed that two of the capacitors on the motherboard near the CPU were broken, probably due to the beating they took in shipping.

I got some replacements and took care of that, then finished the build. When it came time to power it up, the only thing that appeared to work was the CPU fan. I tried various things from resetting the CMOS ram to removing the GTX and putting in an old Diamond S3 PCI video card and re-seating the memory. No matter what I tried it simply would not boot.

Ronniemac73 came to the rescue with the contribution of another motherboard. This one is a ASRock A780GXE/128M complete with an AMD Phenom Quad core CPU.

Put simply, it worked great. I finished the build, connecting the DVD RW drive and the new Western Digital Caviar Green 2 Terabyte drive that I’d found on Amazon.

Because I intend to dual boot the system I got out a Linux Live CD and used it to partition the hard drive. a shade over 1.5TB for Windows 7 Professional 64bit, the rest is set aside for 64bit Kubuntu Linux.

Last night I installed the 64bit version of Java 7 and moved my Minecraft installation over to it. It’s fantastic.

Where I once would get 15 to 20 FPS (frames per second) while playing minecraft and maybe 7 to 15 FPS while recording it, I am now getting 60 to 200 FPS while playing and 60 to 150 while recording.

Not only that but I have of course also turned on fancy graphics for the first time and set my render distance to “Far” where I used to use “normal” and “short”

To say the least, the quality of my videos is going up.

Movie Review – Phantasm

This episode of “Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to)” took an extraordinarily long time to render the final video but it’s finally done and is now live and ready to watch.

This is a good one that horror fans will like.

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Some Media Actually Helps

I know that over the years I’ve usually been pretty down on quote “The Media” unquote and while I have to say that by and large that treatment is for the most part very richly deserved, it’s also true that there is media out there that is actually run by people that care about doing their part to fix some of the crappy things going on in this world.

One good example is in this article I read recently about how triangle direct media Raised $5,500 for Stop Child Trafficking Now. Now I know that some will say that this isn’t that much money but if you think about it, it’s on par with a worldwide media giant raising millions and while those giants may raise a lot of money for good causes they’re usually not doing it because it’s a good cause so much as because it makes them look good in the public eye. In fact, for those giants, it’s more about PR than anything else.

So when a smaller outfit pulls it together and raises $5,500 I think that in a very real way it’s worth a heck of a lot more because while they do get some PR benefit from it, they’re usually doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

Pity that the larger megacorporations can’t do something like that. For example, Walmart is always crowing about how they’ve given $100,000 for this or that but when you compare that amount to their profits, it’s far less than what the smaller companies do. 100k is to Walmart like a buck fifty is to triangle direct media. So while their efforts resulted in a smaller number, the value is several orders of magnitude higher.

Long live the smaller businesses

Bob’s Urgent Christmas List

I had no sooner finished my last posting about how people (and businesses) are entirely too early with the whole Christmas shopping and commercialization thing than Bob came into my office.

“I just read your blog post” he said. “oh, great, I thought you never read my stuff.” I replied. “yeah well you think a lot of things, that doesn’t make ’em right y’know” he said in his famous sarcastic tone.

I thought for a moment and then calmly responded “Bob, I assume you have something to talk about? If not I’ve got work to do.” “yeah I do”, he began. “I get that you don’t think this Christmas thing should be happening this early and believe it or not I agree with you. But there’s one thing on that list I kinda need right now. The rest can wait ’til whenever.”

“Oh? what’s that?” I asked, thinking maybe I didn’t really want to know (what can I say? I know Bob too well). “It’s my girlfriend.” he started to say. I interrupted him “Bob, you know it doesn’t count when you have to pay her.” “very funny” he said, “I suppose you’ve got a million smartass comments but this is for real.” “Ok Bob, fine. she’s real, what do you need?”

“Well, she’s into this beadwork thing, actually does it for a living you see and I want to do something special for her. She only uses the very best swarovski crystal beads in her work and I want to get her a prime collection of them to show her that I actually take her work as seriously as she does.”

I thought about this for a bit. You see it’s not really like Bob to be so concerned about what somebody else thinks of him. He’s always been very much a loner and proud of it. So him wanting to go this far to impress somebody is real news.

I looked back at him and said, “Ok, so you want to do this for her to show you’re serious. That’s cool but how about we just consider this a loan and leave Christmas out of it for now?”

“You mean you’ll do it?” He asked, disbelief in his voice. “Yeah, but only because I’ve got your pay for the next year set aside. I’m gonna have to borrow out of that fund to do this so you can either pay me back or consider this an advance on your pay. I cannot afford to do it any other way. Interested?”

He said yes so fast I thought his head was going to spin. By now he’s busy picking out the selection that he’s going to give her.

Bob with a girlfriend. Who would have expected that?

This next year is going to be really interesting I can tell that for certain.

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