They Don’t Get It

That’s the simplest explanation for this that I can think of. Some people just don’t seem to understand that I decided years ago that I was DONE with having pets.

somebody who shall remain nameless was after me to “adopt” an animal. They tried all manner of arguments about how having a pet is supposed to be good for you, even referring me to a popular pet blog on the matter.

What they don’t understand is that when my cat Gizmo died a few years ago I was fully aware that part of the reason was because I didn’t have the money to take care of him properly. He had developed a really nasty flea infestation and I was too broke to afford the best, most sensible (and fast) solution to that problem.

The fact that I didn’t realize he had that bad of a problem sooner doesn’t help matters. Therefore I swore that I was done having pets. Probably forever, certainly until I could guarantee having enough money to make certain that it’s health was properly looked after.

Beside all that, Gizmo dying hit me really hard and I refuse to even consider going through that again.

To those who say “why get so involved, it’s only a cat?”, you don’t get it. You probably never will.

The Missing credit

They year was 1977. It was my senior year in high school. Classes had finally gotten to the point where everything was pretty easy and all one was expected to do was continue to show up, put in a modicum of effort and at the end of the school year graduation would happen and that would be the end of one’s days in public school.

I was looking forward to that because I’ve always hated school. Mind you I didn’t mind learning in the least. In fact I’ve always enjoyed learning new stuff. I just didn’t like the setting, the crowds of people and the fact that no matter how hard I tried to fit in, I was always kind of an outsider.

Then a counselor pulled me in for a talk. Somehow I was half a credit short and because of this I would not be able to graduate with the rest of the class of ’77. Instead I was going to have to take one semester of classes the next year.

I didn’t mind that everybody else was checking out all of the best high school class rings or deciding on what the formal wear for the senior prom, heck, I didn’t ever expect to go in the first place. One doesn’t go to such things alone after all.

What I minded the most is the fact that I had to do another half year and that nobody seemed to be able to explain to me just exactly where that half credit went.

Then again, It shouldn’t have surprised me. That kind of thing had been happening to me all my life… and has continued to happen since then too.

Removing Mineral Buildup

I’ve got an antique cast iron pot that my mother had. I know that it has to date at least back to the 1930’s and frankly it could easily be older than that.

Some years ago my wife decided that the air in our house was way too dry in the winter. Instead of doing something like get a humidifier she decided that the easiest solution was to put a pot of water on the stove at a medium heat and let the water evaporate into the air that way. My antique cast iron pot was elected for the job.

What was not taken into account is that the water here is VERY hard. You could break cement blocks with it.

I’m not joking. By the time I saw what was happening to it the pot was effectively ruined. It had a quarter of an inch of white mineral buildup on the inside.

One wit suggested that I give it a thorough hydrogen peroxide cleaning by soaking it in the stuff for a week. Since then I’ve tried about every product on the market and nothing has worked. I honestly think that the only cure at this point would be to have it sandblasted.

Sound Issues

So lately I’ve been having a mess of sound problems. It all started when I had to replace my hard drive. When I installed windows 7 on it and started getting all of my programs re-installed it seems that something somewhere changed from how things were set up on the old hard drive.

Suddenly games that I had zero sound problems recording were a major pain. The game sounds and in-game music were drowning me out.. sometimes completely in places.

To this day I haven’t figured out what the difference was and I can’t just boot up the old hard drive to compare settings. I mean it was replaced for a good reason. The windows image on it is un-useable in the extreme.

I know that I did NOT change any other hardware. I have the same motherboard & sound system. The same speakers, the same headset mic. Yet it took me a good three weeks to come up with a totally new sound arrangement that let me be heard over in-game sounds.

During this time I got a lot of well intentioned advice from people trying to offer helpful suggestions to get things working right again. Many of them told me that I should get a new usb microphone and that would solve my problems. What they apparently didn’t know was that the mic I have been using with great success for several months is in fact a USB model, the Turtle Beach Ear Force X-12.

When I originally switched from my old $17 logitech mic to the X-12 people noticed a vast improvement in my sound quality immediately. Why it went from “awesome” to “huh?” in one day is entirely beyond me.

No. Just NO.

I think that Valentine’s day has somehow infected many with some form of insanity. I say this not only because when I happened to stop by Wal-Mart within a day or so of that holiday the place was totally jam packed. I realize that a lot of people take that holiday fairly seriously but honestly, I can’t imagine it being *THAT* important. Certainly not enough to bring everyone within three counties to shop for Valentine’s gifts within a few days of the 14th.

Another reason is some of the advertising I’ve seen lately. I’ve even gotten robot telemarketing calls telling me that I need to check out this or that jeweler for my wedding ring choices. Adverts in the mail have been similarly focused. I’ve even had a few random people saying that “V-Day” is getting close and I need to be ready.

The thing is that *I* have zero reason to be even the slightest bit interested in “V-Day” in the least. I’m single and have been since my wife died in 2008 and I have no interest in becoming majorly involved with anyone, let alone even *thinking* about marrying anyone. Therefore advice that I should check out a website for mens wedding rings or head over to somebody’s favorite jewelry store to look over their ring offerings is totally and completely wasted on me.

I have ZERO plans for or interest in anything like that at this time. I’ll admit that as long as I’m breathing it is possible that this might change someday but I’m here to tell ya that this would take somebody *really* incredibly special to make that even consider thinking about happening.