Battery Conspiracy

I realize that this title may sound a bit “out there” but I think that there really is such a conspiracy on the part of companies that make batteries.

You see they want you to buy the single use batteries because you use them and when their charge is depleted you have to buy another set.

I don’t like using single use batteries because it makes infinitely more sense to me to use rechargeable batteries because once they’re drained, all I have to do is recharge them and they can be used again.

The problem is twofold.

One, rechargeable batteries are much more expensive. I don’t for one second believe that it has anything to do with how costly they are to make. Rather it is because those who use rechargeable batteries don’t buy multiple sets of single use batteries.

Two, in my experience they are much harder to find in the first place. For example I’ve got some clocks around the house that are battery powered. Most people will simply put a single use battery in it and change it a few times a year as needed. I prefer to use rechargeables so that I don’t have to buy new ones all the time. The problem is that finding something like a set of aa rechargeable batteries and a charging device is not easy. This difficulty is complicated by the fact that I live in a rural area where things that might be easy to find in more densely populated places are either rare or just plain unavailable.

So after looking all over I end up having to order them online and hope that the shipping doesn’t encounter a problem because of me being out here in the sticks.

Shortened Language

I realize that most people today seem to be in the most incredible God-Awful hurry to do absolutely anything but I really have to admit that I wish that this didn’t extend to their use of English to the extent that it does.

For example recently I saw a sign at a flea market (why is it called that anyway? Who buys fleas?!?) that proclaimed best selection stuffed animals. I understand the message they were trying to convey that they had the widest variety of stuffed animals and that a customer has a very good chance of finding exactly what they want.

The problem is something that I’ve seen more and more of since text messaging became popular on cell phones and even more so since Twitter became popular.

People now seem to have it ingrained in them to say as much as posslbe with the least number of characters as possible. The problem is that the English language is taking a royal beating in the process.

Very strict English teachers like those that I had in school so many years ago no double cringe every time they see such abuses.

What really makes me cringe is the thought of what their reaction would have been had I used such abbreviated language in their classes.

It’s not a pretty picture at all.

Custom Buttons In The WordPress Editor

Once upon a time when using earlier versions of WordPress (2.5 and before) it was possible to edit the “quicktags.js” file and add customized buttons to the html editor.

One of the customized buttons that I added simply added ‘ rel=”nofollow”‘ at the current cursor position. It was very handy for adding nofollow to links when editing old posts after the big “Google slap” in the fall of 2007 remove authority from old links without removing the links entirely.

The code that created that button in quicktags.js was this:

edButtons[edButtons.length] =
new edButton('ed_nofol'
,' rel="nofollow" '
); // special case

Later I was able to accomplish something even better. I copied the code that created the “Link” button, renamed it to “NFLink” and edited the code so that instead of creating a standard link, it would create one with rel=”nofollow” in it.

I also had added buttons that allowed me to easily add angle brackets, subscript, superscript and more, all without having to manually type out the html codes every time because that’s what the buttons did.

Of course, every time WordPress updated, the quicktags.js file was overwritten and I had to figure out how to do this all over again. This would be one of the reasons that I have always been very resistant to upgrade WordPress. Doing so broke something that took me hours, sometimes days, to create.

Fast forward to today. WordPress has recently updated to 3.4.1 and I have just spent the large part of the last twelve hours trying to re-create those buttons.

The task is made even harder by the fact that quicktags.js, which used to be sensibly formatted, is now totally UN-formatted. It’s one single very long string of text. No spaces, no line breaks, nothing. Reading it is a total, complete, absolute f$*king nightmare.

I have also spent a considerable number of hours trying to find WordPress plugins that would accomplish these tasks. I did find a few however most of them don’t work at all in the current version 3.4.1. One that does work will only apply nofollow to EVERY link in the post. I consider this to be unacceptable in the extreme because I only want to nofollow some links, not all.

One solution that would be great would is to simply add a checkbox to the popup that appears when you hit the “Link” button. Let the text next to it read “add nofollow” and when checked it would add rel=”nofollow” to the link it created.

Why this was not coded in by the WordPress programmers in the first place I will never understand. Especially since Google has made the use of nofollow more and more important if you want to keep your website or blog indexed with decent SERPs positions.

And so faithful reader, I come to the point now where I must ask if you know of a WordPress plugin that will, at the very least, allow me to specify if a link is to be nofollow or not. Though the ability to add custom buttons to the html editor would also be fantastic. I know that there are tutorials out there showing how to do it but none of them have been updated in years and only apply to very old versions of WordPress.

Oh, and before you suggest it, whether the “visual” wysiwyg editor can accomplish any of these functions is of no interest to me whatsoever because I totally despise that editor and ONLY use the html editor.

Back Pain Strikes Out Of Nowhere

Y’know, back pain has a way of taking the fun out of things. Lately it seems like just about everything has been going a lot better. I’ve gotten caught up on several things that I had fallen behind.

Then today it started. I’m not sure why other than the probability that I managed to be in the worst possible position while sleeping because I woke up a while ago and just as soon as I tried to move the pain in my back made itself known.

Just walking across the house to the bathroom was something of a challenge. I have found that at the moment I actually cannot stand up straight or even sit straight.

Naturally this is putting a damper on things and making it harder to focus on the various tasks that I have set for myself today. I’m still doing the best that I can to get as much of my “to do” list done as I can but trying to work through back pain is not easy.

Perhaps the thing that is bugging me the most right now is that this back pain means it’s going to be a challenge to get a Minecraft video recorded today because right now it’s really hurting to be in the position I have to be in to do that.

I may end up recording a few minutes worth at a time and then putting those clips together in the editor. Unfortunately however I’m thinking that it means recording the episode will take two or three times longer than normal. The same goes for doing the editing.

Another thing that this back pain is eating into is my ability to sit at the computer long enough to write something. Because of the way that I write, proofread, edit, reread, tweak, etc, a single article or blog post such as this one can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours to write.

Given how my lower back feels right now that ordinary task that I do nearly every day and often several times a day is now a serious challenge.

For now however I’m going to hit “publish” on this post and go look for some painkiller. Here’s hoping I actually have some!

For All The Gifted Ladies

I was out at the Nutjob Hills Grocery, Bait shop and Tire Center the other day when something really unfair happened.

You see, the grocery checkout is staffed by some very attractive young ladies. The only problem is that these women frequently wear tops that are, to say the very least, revealing. To be more specific, the girl at the checkout this time was, shall we say, rather gifted and she had chosen to display as much of that “gift” as she could get away with without being cited for indecent exposure.

Seriously, her top was cut nearly to her navel and it was also quite obvious that she was not wearing a bra either.

Naturally, being a reasonably normal unattached human male, I looked. And no, I didn’t stare like some 16 year old seeing beauties like that for the first time. I was quite discreet, forcing myself to not look directly at them. Yet she still gave me a dirty look as she slammed the receipt into my hand.

I consider this kind of thing to be one of many examples of the double standard that women everywhere seem to enjoy on a regular basis.

I’m here to say that this is bullshit.

Ladies, when you wear skimpy low cut tops you have no right to get pissed when somebody looks at your tits.

If you have the guts to wear something that can barely contain them, then you have to realize that they are going to get looked at. It’s just a fact of life.

In short, If you don’t want people looking at your tits, COVER THEM UP!