Got The Time?

I found myself asking that question a lot more in the last six or seven months or so because my watch, an old Timex Triathlon Iron Man, finally gave up the ghost and stopped working. Since then I’ve been meaning to do something about replacing it but still haven’t managed to actually get it done. I’ve looked at a LOT of watches in this time, from a fancy pocket watch to searching for a new one like the one I had.

The problem is that apparently timex doesn’t make them like that anymore. They’ve changed the design and the layout. I am not a hamster, I’ll probably eventually get one anyway and learn to live with the change because I’m sure it’s mostly cosmetic anyway. Yet it still gripes me that they have to take a perfectly good design and screw it up by changing stuff that doesn’t need to be changed.

Today’s P.I.T.A., Locked DVD Controls

There’s something I’ve really come to hate about the way a lot of DVD’s are made these days. Specifically, I’m talking about the fact that when you put the disk in and start it playing, many of them are made so that they show you previews of coming attractions and that’s fine… the FIRST time I watch something The problem comes in when I want to watch it again.

You see, I don’t watch something just once. The whole point of buying a copy of it is so that I can watch it whenever the mood strikes me. So, I get out something and put it in. Maybe I’ve watched it a couple dozen times already and I want to jump straight to the start of the movie. Yeah, it’s got previews & such on it but they’re old and out of date & I don’t want to watch them again…ever. So when the disk starts to play, I hit the menu button to jump straight to the menu and skip the previews. Nothing happens except a red X in the corner of my screen.

Essentially I’m not ALLOWED to only watch the part of the thing that I want to see. On a lot of them you can get around this partly by using fast forward. However there’s some that are even set up so that you’re not allowed to use fast forward. never mind that the previews are for a set of movies that came out four years ago and nobody on this continent ever wants to see again, you’re still going to be forced to watch the &@*#%@&* things every ^@##@ time you load that disk.

I am not a hamster and I don’t think I’m being at all unreasonable here. I buy the thing, I want to have total control over what parts of it I view. If I choose not to watch previews then I want the ability to skip directly to the menu. Wouldn’t it be nice if the makers of dvd players would give users control over what they bought? Or how about the movie people? How about recognizing that when I buy something, I want to watch the movie. I might be interested in previews once, maybe even twice (though I’d rather wait ’til after the movie to watch ’em) but after once or twice I typically never want to look at those previews again and I shouldn’t have to.

Today’s P.I.T.A., 24 Hour Tech Support That isn’t

We got home today to find out that several of our websites and blogs were not working. A quick attempt to load pages shows me that two websites and six blogs are not responding at all. The only error message is a timeout from the browser giving up waiting for the sites to respond.

So.. the first thing I do is get into our 1and1 account and go looking for a tech support number so that I can find out what’s going on.. it doesn’t take very long to find this:

Technical Support
Call the number below for our free, expert technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I call the number… and get a recording telling me that support is only available 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday.

I am not a hamster, correct me if I’m wrong here but shouldn’t 24 hour tech support always be available? Has a Problem

my profile on digg has a problem. I am not a hamster, I’ve actually been pretty thorough about it. I’ve emailed support about it, I’ve used the link to submit a bug about it and I’ve even written a post on one of my other blogs about it and dugg it. I’ve spent all the time I can afford digging in search engines looking for answer and have come up completely dry.

The problems (yes, there’s two of them):

1. If I am logged in my profile does not load all the way. the right sidebar stuff loads, and the top of the page and the left side as far as the three top items in my favorites. the rest of the left side and all of the footer fail to load. I’ve even tried using IE6 (blech! that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth!) and I get the same results there.

2. I am apparently unable to send shouts. I can click “share” on any item, select anywhere from one to all recipients, enter a message text (or not, it doesn’t matter) and click the send button. at that point it just sits there. Again, this is the same way in Firefox or in IE6 (blech)

Since I can’t seem to find an answer for this, I’ve decided that in addition to continuing to search and attempt to contact support at digg, I’m going to keep harping on it in post after post on no less than five blogs until an answer shows up. When it does, I’ll post that solution everywhere I’ve written about the problem.

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